Dinner Date

Dinner Date

Monday, 8 August 2011

Student Worries!

My apologies to all and sundry! Unfortunately as I prep for University in Liverpool - things like student finance, tuition fees and the like have taken over my world (small though it is). Normal service is about to resume and I hope to release some of my material over the next couple of weeks as well as some oroginal art completed by my associates. I can't wait to get back to my zombie-themed blog and connect with others who share a similar interest. Never thought I would be this busy. Thanks chaps!

Friday, 29 July 2011

George A. Romero

I was doing some research for an original design concept for my new book and I came across this top site which had various artists' impressions of George A. Romero - the original zombie master and lord of the undead. I have included the link and blog which was written by StrangeKid in May of last year. If you are excited by the macabre and adore the drooling monster, please investigate this website. I would also like to think I am not stepping on too many toes when promoting this unique art and commentary!

Dead on Set: Zombie Art Inspired by George Romero


                    George A. Romero  
                     by Jef Vandenbergh

              George Romero Portrait
        by Cgoose

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zombie's are cool but convincing people of it is difficult.

Well chaps I have struggled today! I know zombies are top geezers and staggering skirts (I don't apologise for being politically incorrect as I am sure some ladies of the undead wear jeans) but blogs, domains and webpages? Bugger! I am ignorant of a lot of these things and even though I work for an internet company, my expertise is erm, what can I say - extremely limited? Pardon the grammar, slang and occasional foul language but if you can't be honest on a blog without being all formal there's no point. Anyways to the meat of the matter. I have been asked exactly what this page is all about as there remains some slight confusion as to what I am attempting to do. To put it bluntly, I am learning the ropes and indulging my love of horror & fantasy at the same time. I never thought to have a blog or knew how to put one together but I'd like to think I've not done too badly for a novice over the last twenty four hours. Posts and feedback are important to me, as I continue to improve this site and prep for my book devoted website in 2012. I'm not losing anything by trying, I might even gain a few skills and friends along the way. Nobody was more surprised than me, that I finished a book that was worthy of sharing with others and I think it threw a lot of the people I knew too! Twitter, Facebook and this blog for 'Fast Food Menagerie' are just tools I have recently adopted to share new ideas and publicise my work. So just to repeat myself, if you enjoy zombies (old fashioned George A. Romero type shufflers), TV meals of the exotic variety and are willing to see a no-good fast food gang put through the grinder, you're hitting in the right place. Cheers Folks - enjoy what is going to be a long, bumpy and very grisly ride.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fleshing out so to speak....

Right guys, have added some links to other authors that are well worth a look. Also, just fleshing out the blog for like-minded individuals who have a story to share or an idea that needs exploring. Enjoy and I hope to continue to add more posts on my progress with regards to getting my work published in the digital & physical worlds.

Regular updates will follow, detailing the developments with my new up and coming website. This will give followers an exclusive insight into 'Fast Food Menagerie' chapter by chapter, with original artwork provided by a soon to be named artsist. Thank you and good night folks!

Zombie A.C.R.E.S (Animated Corpses Reintegration Experimental Subdivision)

Come join the Zombie ACRES crew at AFK Tavern on August 6, for their Zombie Night event. Starting at 5 pm that night, the undead will roam the streets of Everett, WA, looking for their next meal. There will be games, contests, and giveaways for the dead and the living alike. Among those prizes are specially designed Zombie ACRES merch made just for AFK Tavern and their Zombie Night event. For more information, check the AFK Tavern Facebook event page or stop in at 1510 41st Street in Everett, WA.

Zena Chapter

I'm an emerging fiction writer and published author. I run the Northern Beaches Writers' Group based in Sydney and blog about contemporary book culture...

My Stories

By Author Lindsay Kelly

Horror, Sci-Fi and Dark Stories

By Author Lawrence Pearce

Head-spinning time!

No it's not a re-run of 'The Exorcist' but I have absolutely no clue when it comes to setting up a blog and web page. Arrgghh!!! I can at least attempt to sort this bloggy thing out whilst my work colleague is on holiday. I have exacted a promise that as soon as he returns, we will sit down and exchange ideas before taking the big digital plunge. So, be patient! I know this is just a painfully thin framework at present but it will be fleshed out chaps. Crossing fingers, legs and just about everything else.... Oops painful!!!